Welcome to the Fantasy Creature Doll Club featured artist of the month article! We have some incredible talent and wonderful people in our club. How about we get to know a bit about each other? The following is our February 2018 interview. Enjoy!


Interviewer: Jenny Roemmich

Featured Artist: Sarah Pierzchala


Q: What was the first doll you made?


A: My first serious dolls and animals were made for my eldest daughter, about 14 years ago. The design for the unicorn I created for her is still basically the same design I use now, but of course I've refined many aspects.


Q: Do you listen to music? And what songs most frequently?


A: I definitely listen to music! I find it harder to create if I don't have a "soundtrack" in the background! My default tunes are classic/indie rock, but lately I've been listening to more New Age/Ambient artists such as Enya, Vangelis and Constance Demby. I'm finding purely instrumental, meditative music to be much more helpful to my evolving creative process.


Q: What is the biggest thing you wish you had known before you started creating?


A: I really wish that I had trained myself to be more organized, self-disciplined and business-like about my art journey. Instead, I sort of bumbled along, worked mainly when I "felt" like it, and made lots of errors that had to be un-learned later. I've learned that being more organized, researching techniques and planning ahead actually makes me more creative and productive!


Q: What is your favorite part of the doll making process? The least favorite?


A: My favorite part of the process is when I'm putting the finishing touches on a piece, and the personality is shining through all the different materials to make a whole, new little creation. My least favorite part is twisting the wire for the armatures!


Q: What does your crafting space look like?


A: My little studio is in the corner of an enclosed porch on our 1912 home. I've got it pretty well lit, with a big L-shaped table arrangement, lots of storage and organization. It's very useful and efficient, but not a particularly photogenic space!


Q: What is a weird fact about you?


A: I guess that would be that I was homeschooled during the '70's and '80's, and that I'm homeschooling my own children now. Not particularly weird, but a bit different.

Thanks so much for these great questions!




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